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Duo Desdëa

August 10th - May 20th 2023

Two voices, two violins... Sometimes some baritone ukulele. From classical music to folk and pop - that's desdëa. A heart project of two classically trained violinists Andrina Däppen and Zoë Gordon, who decided to take a slightly different path. With roots in southeastern Switzerland and the french-speaking part of Switzerland, the two young musicians are drawn to the wide world. Spanish, english, french, italian & romansh songs alternate with purely instrumental music of various origins and eras. In an intimate setting a vibrant polyphony is created, which gets under the skin.

During a week the Duo Desdëa was inspired by the place of Versam, worked on their concert program and dedicated themselves to the development of their Grison-project about roots, home and identity. Finally, a concert took place in the stable, which could be listened to in the Art Garage Versam until the 10th of september.
Concert: Saturday, August 19th, 5 p.m. in the large stable
Exhibition: August 20th - September 10th, 2023
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